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My Words, Written By Another

November 7, 2011
By autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
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What has become of me
In this time and place?
For now I act
As though the world
Were not my stage
But theirs.
My words are stolen
Then twisted into their own.
And when the scene closes around me
Only one stands,
Then claps.

But there is now no time,
For time I could never get back.
Because of hours spent waiting
For no one to come.
And tears spilt
For no particular reason.
And yet, he still stand,
Then claps.

My mind is being contorted
To fit in as the character
They long to see.
For, evidently,
I am not likable
So I practice my script
Lying in myself for hours
As to survive the next day.
But he sits by the stage
His presence controlling the play.
Yet he still stands,
Then claps.

For I’ve always
Acted how he wanted
And been formed by his hands
For I am,
And always will be
An actress,
And is his stage.
It is why when I play
My life
By the script
He stands,
Then claps.

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InkWriter13 said...
on Jun. 22 2012 at 7:26 pm
Powerful. Sad. Tragic in a poetic way. You write with astounding clarity of though, and for that, I applaud you (no irony intended :D ). I like the repetition of the stand, smile, clap. It parallels the controlling, oppressive reader of He who controls the life depicted here. I like the analogy; it speaks well for you. I also loved the flipped time lines about no time then time I could never get back. Superb writing all the way through. A few typo errors, but mostly great. Would you please comment on my two poems titled The Visionary (similar theme) and Onward and Upward?