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A Curiously Wrapped Sparkle in the Distance

December 3, 2011
By leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
-Know that you could set your world on fire if you are strong enough to leave your doubts. *-Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.

The water crashes against the shore
I'm searching
Constantly hoping for something more
A tear slips down and strays shyly from my nose
I'm running in circles
Because whenever one door is opened, another door is closed
I bury my toes in the sand
I'm sinking
Beneath the weight on my hands
I can't speak because I choke
I'm yelling
The feelings I fear and have never spoke
My knees buckle when I lift myself from the shore
I'm wondering
Just why when I'm handed everything, I long for something more
Lift me up and take me away
I'm sick and I'm tired
Because there's nothing I haven't done to get you to stay
Build me up and tear me down
I'm breathing
Because that's all I've mastered in this broke-down town
I know they say all that glitters is gold
But the more intelligent part of me quit believing everything I'm told
There's a sparkle in the distance
I'm shaking
Because the sky has put me in this circumstance
The light is making me second-guess everything I've ever known
I'm standing in fear for through all the negative, some positive has shown
The pessimism is all I've ever understood
I'm restarting
For this is the first time I've felt that I could

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