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Short Change Hero

November 23, 2011
By josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
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Turn on the news and you'll see,
What seperates you from me.
It isn't my wealth and it isn't because im famous,
It's because of the first to jump infront of the bullet for us.
No, it wasn't you and it wasn't your simple hero,
It was my father, my best friend, my superhero.
Because you felt you needed a little extra money,
Now when something goes wrong how can my mom yell "honey".
Laying 10 feet under the ground and for what?,
Now i'll be home fatherless and with a knife ready to cut.
Memories wont escape me,
The bullet leaving the chamber running free.
No i'm not looking for sympathy,
Im just saying life should be enjoyed blissfully.
There's no pretty picture to pain here,
Not when missing in the photo album is your father and in his place is fear.
That's just how life goes,
Life sucks and all you can do is take it's blows.

The author's comments:
good song.

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