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December 2, 2011
By lizzy1002 GOLD, Palm Bay, Florida
lizzy1002 GOLD, Palm Bay, Florida
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" I rather die for somthing then live for nothing"-Unknown

Standing at the edge of life,
On these rusty pipes.
Looking out towards the sea,
Wishing you can just be free.
Looking down below the edge,
At the darkness that lye's ahead.
Looking back at your life,
Filled with love, hatred, and lies.
Not knowing what path to take,
You start to feel like your life is at stake.
Should you fall and never awake,
Should you go forward and try not to make the same mistakes,
Or should you go back to the life you hate.
Your mind says fall,
But you heart stays awake.

The author's comments:
This poem respersents that life it hard and that either path you take in life will not always be the best.

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