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Summer haze

December 1, 2011
By starlightstarbright PLATINUM, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
starlightstarbright PLATINUM, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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My dream world
Is a beautiful island
Awash with cerulean sea
Pajamas and camis
Oversized hoodies galore
Loose, comfortable jeans
(Remember when there was such a thing?)
For when I ride my beautiful horse
Along the ocean shore
My house is a comfortable cabana
With hammocks strung
From door to door
And the doors are always open
Animals frolic and dominate the floor
I step quickly over a Red Island Red
As I make my way
To my soft, swinging bed
The sweet wild cows
Come for milking at dawn
Their noses a baby pink
The nights and days
Shiver, and Dance, and Laze
The only rain is a summer shower
Because the days all pass
In a summer haze
A morning is much like the next
I do not count the passing of
My dear friends,
The sun and the moon
Who bless me with their
Silk covered skin
And wash me in their golden and silver
I swing to sleep
And swim to ‘wake
Thus passes my sleepy days
My hair is long
My body is strong
In the passing of the days
The days, yes the days
That shy from count
The days that pass in a
Sleepy, sleepy, summer haze.

The author's comments:
This is my dream life. No counting of the days, just letting it pass in a summer haze.

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