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Remember to Breathe

November 26, 2011
By nettibelieves SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
nettibelieves SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
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My people are American. Today is my time.

Let's do away with all the cars
that only make us lower the bar.
These city lights hide all the stars
which blaze brightest in the darkest of nights.

When emotions race are we able to find
the bits and pieces left behind.
To always have peace is an ominous sign
for a fire burns rightest in the darkest of times.

I lay in bed and wait for dreams
and hope this apparition isn't what it seems.
Opaque spots dance as the sun shines in beams
and outshines the stars that shine only at night.

Hand in hand, dead lovers run.
At the sound of bells the forgotten come.
Can you not hear the sounds of words unsung?
Or are they drowned in the silence of the solemn dawn?

I'll make my escape with violent Mars
just to forget the half-healed scars.
Perhaps together we'll make it far
and ignite the fire that will fuel the stars.

The author's comments:
When I had completed the last stanza, I realized that I had no idea for a title. I brought this poem to a friend, and asked her what her thoughts were. Her reply was, "It makes me want to remember to breathe." I thought it fit nicely.

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