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November 25, 2011
By TintedWindows GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
TintedWindows GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
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She hides in the shadows,
He holds 'her' tightly in his arms as she glares with jealousy.
He doesn't know.
He'll never know.
She loves him.
He loves her.
'She' loves him back.
Inside she cries and breaks down every night.
The cuts on her wrists tell a story.
The blood stains remind her of the pain.
He loves me as a friend,
that's all I will ever be.
She will continue her actions. Until it's too late

The author's comments:
I like this guy. He likes another girl. This girl like him back. They're dating. I'm just the chick that will never have him.

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