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Who am I...?

November 25, 2011
By harrypottergirlll SILVER, Santa Fe, New Mexico
harrypottergirlll SILVER, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
~everthing happens for a reason~

who am i really?
What do you think?
I know my answer
But i can’t give it to you
Figure it out.

I’m not what you think
I’m not like you,
yet i’m the most normal of teenagers
trying to live through society

I don’t fit in anywhere
No one understands me;
so don’t waste effort trying.
i can’t help the way i am.
accept more; judge less
or else the world will come to a standstill.

Sorry, i don’t go to parties.
Sorry, i don’t smoke a bunch of pot.
I don’t want to escape my reality.
Sorry, i’m not looking to hook up with someone i don’t know.
Sorry, i don’t like egging houses at 3 am, cruising the streets
in hopes to pass the ‘bad girl’ test.

There is a time and place for everything.
But did you ever give me a chance?
You never gave me a chance.

Money isn’t everything;
neither is a car.
Those items shouldn’t change who you are
But sometimes,
I look at you and think:
what happened to you?
Where did you go?
You used to believe my truth,
THE truth.
Now, you spread rumors in my honour.
That’s why i have friends.

Yes, it’s true
I hide behind my Trippa purple hoodie
Trying to get through each day
Because this world has got me shaking at night
I can’t stand it anymore
I want to break free,
Leave this place;
Start over.

You won’t find me skipping school
Or drunk out of my brains.
I don’t steal things;
just because i say the f word
doesn’t mean i am a troublemaker.
I’m not a saint
But i’m not a sinner.

You can spot me up in the air
Flying to sandia peak;
skiing down the mountain,
or snowboarding into the mist,
falling every other second.
i talk to myself;
i sing to myself
i run circles in my mind
before winning the race.
My kind of fun is a cup of hot cocoa;
laughing about nothing,
and staying up til 2.

I’m no popular kid
But i got my brood
To keep me sane and on my feet.
Alfa, Echo, Lima
We are three.
Connected by the phonetic alphabet,
Candy bars. Smelly salmon. Tender chicken.
Long drives to the middle of nowhere
will you visit me when i get there?

The ones who don’t know my middle name
Are the ones who really know
understand me.
So if you don’t get it
Don’t pull your hair out.
Trust me,
i’m not worth the wait.
There is a time and place for everything.

i know only what i’ve learned
what lies ahead,
I can only wait
my future will open doors
to unseen places.
“you all will change the world, i can already see it”
he said.
I plan to do just that.
Fly away and let me go
Live my life.

The author's comments:
it's who i am. i wrote this a couple months back, but it still hold clear and firm. i know we are all hard to understand sometimes, but this is a snippit into my mind...my life...saying not to judge all the time because people really do not know anything...neither do i. as a teenager, just trying to live simply with fun and this poem expresses all the strings attached that i see...

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