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Nobody's Friend

November 25, 2011
By Seelix PLATINUM, Chandler, Arizona
Seelix PLATINUM, Chandler, Arizona
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I want to be friends with nobody.
Or rather the people that the Somebodies
Make feel too small, too alone, too much
like a Nobody.
I wish that I knew why the girl who sits
alone, hiding behind unwashed hair,
feels like there isn't anyone there
to talk to her, to love her to let
her know one person cares.
The boy with headphones on his head
and scars on his arms? Why haven't
we said something yet?! We pass by him
everyday, do we ever stop to think
that maybe he might want a friend?
To help him through this mess he's in?
And it can't be out of pity. I know
Nobodies get too much of that already.
So, out of care, out of gen-U-ine interest
to learn about their lives, to tell them about yours,
Can't we break down the things that make us
nobodies and somebodies and
let everyone become

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