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Droplets of Water

November 16, 2011
By eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
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Drops of water pour slowly,
From the sky onto the land,
fertilizing the crops,
wetting the soil,
spreading out into the ocean, joining millions of other droplets of water.
In the form of tears streaming down a person’s face,
expressing deep emotion,
sadness, bitterness, anger,
and happiness, gratitude, and love.
Droplets freezing into hard ice,
droplets evaporating into soft vapor.
Water decomposing into hydrogen and oxygen,
hydrogen and oxygen combining back in a ratio of two to one.
More than half of the human body is made of droplets of water.
Rushing rivers, flowing for miles,
stormy waves in the sea,
dripping slowly from the faucet,
We too, are droplets of water,
dripping into different parts of the world to create different things,
we can be soft like vapor or hard like ice,
but together we are a raging river,
rushing forward with strength and unity,
with purity and harmony.
Just as Earth is the only planet with water,
it is the only planet with life.
Water is necessary for life,
as we are droplets of water
both literally
and figuratively.

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