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Tasting Clouds

November 21, 2011
By Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
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They are one with the sky
Floating above land and ocean
Like lakes on the air
Providing assurance and wonder

They float above us
Pushed by the wind
Giving us shelter from the summer heat
A brief escape into darkness
Then moving on
To other people in other towns
Different lives momentarily the same

As the sun is setting
Its rays shine off the edges of clouds
Some stare in awe
As their heart is warmed
By pure beauty

And as I gaze up
I imagine what it would be like
To reach them
To defy gravity and swim with the clouds
In and out of bouquets of water
An unbreakable ocean

Someday there will be nothing left for me on the ground
And it is then I will reach the clouds
Flying in and out of each dream
Towards the setting sun
And I will become the never-ending ocean in the sky

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