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The sea is not your friend

November 20, 2011
By starlightstarbright PLATINUM, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
starlightstarbright PLATINUM, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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step on the ice cracks
don’t fade into oblivion
or forget how the cat yowls
fall into the icy sea
you cannot lose yourself
to leeching memories
gasp for air
feel the freshness awaken you
from sleep
let your dreams
catastrophe you
push/pull you
dark, empty rooms
are your heats, peace of mind
is a forgotten memory
of lying in my bed
windows open and a hot breeze
ipod in hand
the sea rock
drink to health
hard as my soul
fake another glare
like the ice floes
are not
crushing your heart
sea is my friend, see, sea
cold, hot, choking, laughing
pretend you are not yourself
and that you…
that you....
do not know
forget me
and the sea
we are not your friends.

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