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November 14, 2011
By K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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a label those men in
white lab coats and dark shady glasses
placed upon MY brother
who are they
to set him from other
“normal” people
because he acts differently
who are they
to diagnose his
as something not unique
but noticeably different
from the other kids
that he can't do
what they do
and he doesn't even get
a chance because
they have diagnosed him,
Socially in adept is not a disease
needing to be diagnosed by
the hierarchy of lab coats.
because my brother has aspergers
he is now a part of a
Social epidemic
Where because of his
He is different
Not because of a
Tumor or a rash
Or even spots
Only on the fact that he behaves differently
Is my brother
And other peoples brothers
socially separated
Because of their
My brother is

The author's comments:
My brother has aspergers and now has a social handicap that other kids don't have only because he acts differently and i don't think just because some people act differently that they should be set apart from other people because of their personality

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