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Known You Forever

November 3, 2011
By Metaphor SILVER, Falls Church, Virginia
Metaphor SILVER, Falls Church, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
The beauty of grace is that it make life not fair.

There is a steadiness to it, a flat excitement
Every time I see you, I know what to expect
Yet there is always a dose of anticipation
Occasionally, I wonder
I wonder if our lives will always be so intertwined
If when we're approaching middle age, our interests will line up
If in our thirties we'll want to revert to our childish devices of finger paints and teasing

I can somehow picture it so easily
Me in a black dress, you in your khakis and sport coat
We stand in a room of whitewashed walls, all pure
Save two buckets, of red and blue paint
The colors draws us like a hundred dollar bill
My fingertips disappear in the red, your hand in the blue
Without hesitation you run your palm across my forehead
Laughing at the effect
Red streaks appear on your cheeks, where my fingertips trailed
Before you react, I splash you with the blue
Then my re-dipped fingertips slide down my own cheeks
Mirroring your visage

Because I just want to be like you
Maybe then, you never will forget
Then never will I lose you

The author's comments:
Inspired by a life long friend. I will always love.

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