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Mother's Day

October 25, 2011
By poet.lover PLATINUM, Pineville, Pennsylvania
poet.lover PLATINUM, Pineville, Pennsylvania
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"Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life."

Mother’s day is a time of appreciation of one of the greatest creations of God!
Some mothers feel they’re not good enough,
they set bad examples for their children,
something they do will have negative influence
If they make a mistake,
then the whole world’s turned upside down

They worry what their kids will be like,
What successes and failures they’ll have to go through
They worry they won’t be able to give their child what they need
or they won’t be there for them
They can’t know if they’re showing enough love
Or if they’re missing anything

I realize that’s what mothers think about a lot;
at least the mothers deserving of such rewards do.
Such riches you moms hold to call yourself a mother of a family
Oh the joy you bring to us as children!
Yes, there are up’s and down’s
but as a family,
we work through them

God tests our abilities
knowing that every difficult situation we go through makes us that much stronger;
and as a mother,
my mother, and the mother of my brothers and sister
I believe you have proven yourself.
How much more could you show God you are deserving of such rewards
than to show him what great kids you are raising.
How far we have each reached in our lives
is a gift from you,
and where I am now
is because of the embracing love and support I’ve had from you.
Since the moment of birth
till this very day,
you hold me in your arms..
Showing me love and strength
and the meanings life holds;
what it means to make it through each and every day.
You’re our leader
and the roads you take us down can be rough,
but they teach us what needs to be known
and what many other children should be shown as well.
If other kids had parents and a mother to raise them in such great ways like you do
This world could be that much better

Because mom,
through troubles, sadness
happiness, fun times
tears, pain, problems, heartache and all the things life throws at us..
I always know I have my mom right there.
The one thing that life can’t take from us is love
because it brings us through anything.
Only God knows what we are fully capable of
He understands what we have to go through
He knows whether we’ll make it or not
and with this powerful family we have,
He knows we can make it through even the toughest things he throws at us
He knows that we’re a family
And he knows what a great mother we have

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