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October 27, 2011
By twiztidgurl985 BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
twiztidgurl985 BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
sometimes you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve.

Longing to belong.

It doesn't work at all.

The scars I've left behind

Only reminds me of my fall.

I cannot continue

The way I feel I have to.

Must I fit in with the sane?

Is it crazy that i'm not, and I'm okay?

To fit in with the crowd

Only shows you are afraid.

And to be different, is to be brave.

The author's comments:
A poem that I thought discribes a little of how people think now a-day's. Now, I'm not saying to not be true to your-self. But just to be you. Don't go into another crowd and assume that's were you belong, if you don't feel secure. In life, it's 50/50. You can either be like everyone else.... Or you can be the one person who wants a new way... :D ~Enjoy~

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