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October 15, 2011
By MayB. SILVER, Rockdale, Georgia
MayB. SILVER, Rockdale, Georgia
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Waiting to leave
To get out of this place
Where you are so hated
And no better than waste

You walk around
Like you have no soul
When deep down
It hides in a hole

If you are confronted
You run and you hide
So long as you avoid people
You can stay inside

When you finally leave
Where is it that you'll go?
You claim it is this place
That keeps you out of the show

But what if it is you
That is holding you back
Keeping your dreams down
Holding them in a sack

Running is not the answer
So long as you run
You will never be happy
And when it is all said and done

What will you have to say
But that you were in fact wrong
And go back where you came
Knowing all along

Will they take you back
Let you stay with them?
Or will they laugh
And make fun of your hem?

If only you gave them a chance
They would except you
But now that you are lost
And do not know what to do

They will not take you
No they will not take a stranger
Instead they will report you
To the county ranger
For trespassing on their land
And disrupting their happy lives
For you have messed up
And they all now have wives

You will be alone
As long as you stay
And you will be alone
As soon as you go away

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