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October 20, 2011
By ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Absorbs into my skin

Makes me shiver

Cools my soul

Icing it over

Shutting down my systems

Travels through my plasmatic blood

Slowing it to a crawl

Through my hardening veins

Killing cell by cell

Trying to reach my heart

That's already shut down

All but a lonesome beat

Slow but there

Keeping me alive

Reaching its target

Taking the shot

Not even aiming

Hitting with perfect precision

Severing my only life

The bothersome beat

The sad little excuse for a person

The cold,

The bitterness,

The words,

The cries,

The screams,

The enemies,

The foes,

The only things

I can hope to hang

onto, now all shed from

my molting shell.

And with that, I curl into a

ball, tight and alone for all of


The author's comments:
Every mean, raw, horrible word spoken travels through my blood like a toxin, taking forever to be forced out of my system. Maybe one day...

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