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The Worst Rush

October 6, 2011
By GirlWithKolidescopeEyes SILVER, Mankato, Minnesota
GirlWithKolidescopeEyes SILVER, Mankato, Minnesota
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I felt my heart beating faster
But I really didn't care
All I wanted was a fix
And my drug of choice was there
I'd gotten a fix already
Earlier that day
But the buzz was wearing off
And the high was going away
I dug around the cooler
And I grabbed another can
I cracked it open and took a drink
And another rush began
Then my hands began to shake
And my heart began to pound
But I didn't want to freak out
Not with everyone around
Then the rush stopped completely
But the crash was just as bad
I've had bad rushes before
But this was the worst I'd ever had
But I still look for a fix
Even after that close brush
Because that night for me
Was just another rush

The author's comments:
This is about an experience where I almost OD'd on caffine at a friend's party

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