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The Next Turn

October 17, 2011
By whaaaaat BRONZE, Gone, Other
whaaaaat BRONZE, Gone, Other
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I remember my mom reaching for that book on the top shelf.
Here I am reading novels, writing essays, and answering equations that may take thirty minutes to slove.

I remember sitting on my dad's shoulders when I couldn't see the stage.
Here I am inching closer to walking up on that stage to get that diploma.

I remember when my brother and I were still small enough to jump on the bed pretending we could fly.
Here we are, working hard trying to build our futures and soon going our seperate ways.

Next I'll be the one helping my daughter learn to read that book.
She'll be sitting on her father's shoulders while we watch her brother's soccer game.
And she and her brother will be running around the house, role-playing as ninjas or superheroes.

Then it'll be her turn next.

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