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October 17, 2011
By dr018pr GOLD, New York, New York
dr018pr GOLD, New York, New York
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Are you scared of me?
Feeling shivers down your spine dumb broken all the time.
So use to using your dumb held eyes to gain what you want but too scared of mine.
Held eyes of hell's eyes held in me, found in me.
No use in crying cant carry you all the time
fall down and realizes what you need to survive.

As a young girl I fell
I was told not to trust
by people I trusted so much
couldn't you see
I will drown for you
I will die for you
I will go down in the depths of darkness just to find a spark of happiness for your eyes to see.
But you cant see me
the pain
the tears
That went pass by me

I'm not asking your pity
but for eyes to believe as we use to believe in peter pan's dreams
A boy who dream to live every passing moment with no disappear or sorrow
I want to fly with tinkle bell too
I want to see never-land
but my dreams are down dig deep in darkness, can you see?
Stop being afraid and look at me
I put my hair in two braids as I used to do
I picked up my bangs so you could see my eyes
the eyes you found firer red
the eyes of a demon child you use to called me
is scared
I'm scared
I'm scared that the closest thing to me is the voices that I still hear
you remember don't you?
Me waking up crying voices and things I see I heard
Starting from the age of 4 maybe even younger and on going to see
This is something not even God cant save me from
and I'm not asking you to the knight in shinning armor
Because this princess wants to stay up in the tower
the reason why God cant save me is because I don't want him to save me
with out these voices and these things in my head
I'm alone.

I stand there people come and go use me hurt me but I stay
I stay like door mat
I don't know what I waiting for but I waiting
maybe for light strike me
maybe for peter pan to stop and say hey
maybe to see a glimpse of never- land
maybe to find a knight willing to save me
all I know is that I stand there alone with the voice and things i see and heard every night and every day
in and out of my so called dreams
and you
you miles away from me
too scared to find me
too scared to hear me
too scared to look at my demon eyes
so yes you are scared of me
so please don't try to deny the dumb found truth dig deep in your so called soul
you are scared
so am I

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