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Fire of Remembrance

October 14, 2011
By MyLoneWolf GOLD, Redmond, Washington
MyLoneWolf GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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Hope is a phoenix,
Strong and healing,
Beautiful and free
A burning fire
That keeps us alive

When it dies,
Burning, screaming,
It leaves us with nothing
But the ashes
Gray and brittle

From the ashes
A new life emerges
Ugly at first, weak,
But slowly it gains strength
And beauty, power and fire

Fire is the emotion
The driving force
The reason it stays alive
And the reason it dies
When the fire becomes an inferno

Ash is the loss,
The death and pain
When a hope is too strong,
An inferno, that kills
Too driven and mad to think

Birth is the realization
That you went too far, too fast
The baby bird peeks
Through the ash, confident
Ready to try again

Hollow bones are the memories
Of the people you love
And the places
Where you were happy
And free

Flight is the freedom
The love, the remembrance
After the hope kept you alive
To see the light again
And be grateful

The fire washed away the cold
During the nights
Allowed you to dream
To remember
Without an inferno

The author's comments:
Inspired by Night by Elie Wiesel

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