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No Way Out, But Still Fighting This Monster

October 4, 2011
By nettibelieves SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
nettibelieves SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
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My people are American. Today is my time.

Rebels invading the city,
burning the sky and the streets.
The economy crumbling in ruins.
Poor souls in the streets are a pity.

They come in the name
of the Prince of Lies.
He who comes as the Morning Star.
He who sends masses to the flames.

They come saying
they are the righteous cause.
That they fight in the name of love.
Them and their bigoted praying.

The world is fooled;
but not me, no never me.
I have been awake waiting.
I've kept my lantern full.

You senseless puppet
following your master, the
blood-thirsty beast, searching the street
while the leaders reap the benefit.

So now I am alone?
They have all abandoned me.
They have gone after their leader
with the song of an endless moan.

How can I stay silent?
You blindly walk into your grave.
I hold your hand praying,
hoping you will repent...

I won't believe this Beast.
I'll never take its mark.
I'll never submit to the dark.
I won't believe this fantasy.

The author's comments:
It may seem awkward in an ABCA rhyming scheme, but I like how it turned out in the end.

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