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Not To Long Ago

October 2, 2011
By KelcieRyan BRONZE, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
KelcieRyan BRONZE, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
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"If all my friends were to jump off a bridge I wouldn't jump off with them. I would already be at the bottom to catch them"

We were leaving the hospital,
Getting our first glimpse of the outside world. 
Wondering why so many people were passing us back and forth,
Into one persons arms and then to the next. 
So many flashes from the cameras,
For our loved ones our trying to catch every special moment they could. 
Even though we didn't understand anything,
We were living our life. 
Not to long ago. 

Then we were turning two,
Doing everything toddlers like to do. 
We loved play doh and anything messy,
And hated baths and had nightmares about getting our hair brushed. 
Running around and babbling words in our own language,
 not known to most people.
We were always falling down,
But even the worst scrapes were fixed by a kiss. 
Our jobs we wanted to pursue changed weekly,
From ballerinas to teachers, and firefighters to doctors. 
We had not a worry in the world,
We just wanted to play. 
Not to long ago. 

As the years progressed we were eager to be big kids,
And ride the big yellow bus. 
Yes, it was hard letting our parents leave us the first day of school,
But within an hour or two are mommy and daddy were the last things on our mind. 
Getting offend bus and running to the front door,
Hurrying to tell our parents what we had done and learned. 
Even the simplest things were so important. 
Not to long ago. 

We learned a lot of stuff in our preteen years,
Some stuff we didn't want to hear but we heard it. 
Test were longer and letters started showing up in math problems,
We would bring our homework home and our parents were even confused. 
You lost some of your best friends,
And grew closer to others. 
Guys started to become interesting to us,
Since we figured out they didn't have cooties. 
Not to long ago. 

Now we are walking into the high-school doors,
Everything different. 
We have to look perfect like all the seniors do,
Taking hours to fix our hair and makeup.
Getting involved in our first real relationships,
That involve kissing and holding hands. 
Teachers are pains and always seem to hate you,
Parents never understand you until they give you what you want. 
Music and cellphones our your life.
You see stuff you don't wanna see,
An loose many friends to stuff you don't want to be involved in. 
Your in charge of making more decisions,
For the good or the bad. 
We actually start thinking the future,
Because before we know it, the future will be our past.
This time was not to long ago,
It's now. 

The author's comments:
Well this is sorta about my life up to last year. It's true for most people. And it's sad knowing that we aren't kids anymore. Because soon we will be adults and in charge of everything. Hope you guys like it!

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