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nightmares and daydreams

September 27, 2011
By PLATINUM, Ceres, California PLATINUM, Ceres, California
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I have this nightmare
it comes back often
Michael Myers
no not the comedian
the killer
is chasing me with
a bloody cleaver
through my house
around the neighborhood
to you
sugar lips
yeah it's silly to say
but those lips look so sweet
especially to a girl
who's never been kissed
except by mother on the cheek
daddy doesn't kiss me
he doesn't even speak to me
I couldn't tell you why
we've all changed
let's get back to the point here
sugar lips
cliche I know, honey doll
but you are my super hero
you don't quite know it yet
you wear shining armor
beneath that black t-shirt
and those baggy
and you've got
someone elses
inked into your
I whisper
thank yous
that it's erasable
if there is any god
he'll listen and grant me
you are my security blanket
when the world is cold
and angry
you are my north star
I will follow you
to the moon and back
I'd follow you to
distant planets and back
we'd kick it with some aliens
when we return to earth
we'd speak in a language that only we knew here.
just us.
we'd be special.
but I'm still dreaming.
Everything breaks
I shoot up from bed in a sweat
that is colder than winter in Alaska.
I wonder
why the hell did I pick you as my superhero?
the reality you
now dream you,
is awesome.
but like i said..
the reality you,
sucks ass.
my mom says I'm beautiful
but she's a mom she's supposed to tell me so.
on good days i believe her.
you won't.
and who are you to doubt her?
she's a BAMF.
she's my first hero
and she never comes last.
sometimes she's close
on days when
I'm angry
and the only words I can
are made of fire.
being sixteen
isn't so sweet
and the nagging from mom
doesn't always help.
I thank myself
that I don't have it so badly.
I thank mom for teaching me
that this mess called life won't ever be

The author's comments:
I dedicate this one to my mom. The nightmare about Michael Myers is actually a recurring nightmare that I have. Sometimes I wake up screaming and it's quite frightening.

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