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Perfection is perfection.

October 1, 2011
hippiechick123 GOLD, Texas
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all who wander arent always aimless. where do you go to escape yourself? close your eyes and see me.
all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.
i am in love with you <3

You're perfect.
Look at you.
With your skinny hips.
To your perfect lips.
Barely any thighs.
I bet you've never cried.
You're perfect.
Look at your toes.
Perfectly painted
One by one.
Never felt any pain.
You're perfect.
Look at your skin.
Painfully flawless.
No make up to cover up.
You have no scars to hide.
You're perfect.
Look at me.
With my rigid scars.
My flawed skin.
My thighs aren't sticks.
Im not made with bricks.
Im not perfect.

The author's comments:
Im not insecure, but I have my moments when I see someone and I'm like...god. She's lucky.

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