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September 26, 2011
By WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Turn correct side to enemy" - M72 Law Instructions

A bright day
A study room along with a student
Open books and writing utensils
All pointing towards the future
A terrible noise
So deep, so low
The earth quakes in fear of the hellfire
A mushroom ablaze, an unnatural creation
A flame consuming all that it touches
Glass shatters
Screams made silent
Fragmented homes symbolize human hopes
A shadowy figure plastered to the wall
Ashes drifting away
The future lost in the wind
Watch them drift
It's all you can do

The author's comments:
I do alot of nuclear apocalypse themes. This is one of those. It basically relates to how instant the future can change.

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