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Mirror, Mirror

September 28, 2011
By bookwormishgirl PLATINUM, Merion, Pennsylvania
bookwormishgirl PLATINUM, Merion, Pennsylvania
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She stares into the mirror and asks - begs - for a non-truth, for the lie that she wants to hear. And the reflective glass indulges her, bends the light and shows her an image;

full cheeks, bulging stomach, dandruff,
awkward feet turned outward,
split-end hair, cracked lips,
chewed nails, big nose,
dry skin, crimson pimples...

And she frowns at the mirror, but inside she smiles; she needs fixing, and this she can fix. So she pulls out the tools of the trade; lip gloss, tweezers, moisturizer... anything to solve those fake problems, anything to hide from the ones she can't mend.

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