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Temporary Home

September 9, 2011
By StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
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Only a single cell,
a zygote, we were formed.
The LO
from father
The VE
from mother.
Nine months in the womb
our temporary home,
we took control of her body
eating from the food she brings upon her lips
and the breathing air she invites to dine in the
home of her lungs.
As we make ourselves at home,
we here father talking about how inpatient he is to here us
say Daddy.
Overly anxious we unzip mothers casing letting out discomfort,
causing pain and frustration, but she knows it is
worth it.
Labor, life testing her strength, cunning her to give up,
but her heart is too strong to faint this far in this process to give in.
When we come out our appearance is
nothing but a submissive body squirming in strangers arms.
Screaming takes place that holds our parents emotions,
making their eyes tear.
Mothers pain subsides into
a blanket of felicity she cradles within her
weary arms.
Our mouths, penny size breath in oxygen, awakening our lungs
from hibernation.
Hats put upon our heads
awaking our minds.
"Daddy I Love You"
"Mommy I Love You"
Nine months in the womb
We have sheltered in you.
Now we can live,
dance in the storm, while dying into
a slumberous sleep when the moon takes
it rightful place among the stars in the sky.
Tonight we will be dinning with mother earth
letting her feed us dreams with all her home has to
Not saying that when we grow, you and Daddy's home
will be greatly missed.

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Mena said...
on Mar. 12 2012 at 5:31 pm
This poem is so endearing. At a time, when many children rebel against their parents, it wonderful to see someone who appreciates the life give to them. It made me want to cry, because I understand the sentiment so well.