Today and Forever

September 2, 2011
By Drewby SILVER, Beecher, Illinois
Drewby SILVER, Beecher, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"To be or not to be, that is the question-" William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III Scene I

It seemed liked yesterday,
we walked down these halls.
We would laugh at a simple joke,
or if someone trips and falls.

We would fall asleep in Physics
and get detention by the teacher.
We would obsess about our bodies;
every wrinkle and every feature.

We would eat in the lunchroom,
then play kickball outside.
We would call our best friend
to give us a little ride.

Teen drama happened in all of us;
no matter how tall or short.
We need to put behind the days
where we would build that blanket fort.

There were the Pops, Goths, and Geeks;
all separate from each other.
But now that our last day has come,
we've learned to love one another.

I remember our senior prom.
It was such a magical night.
I saw Ms. L dancing;
my God, was that a fright!

I remember all my friends
and the times we had together.
Even though our separate ways will come,
we'll be friends forever.

What will we be doing in twenty years?
It's a thought that would make us cry.
What will our future plans be?
We just have to go out and try.

I've known all of you throughout my life.
Probably earlier than the sixth grade.
But now we must depart
and those memories will never fade.

We are all classmates.
We went to school very happily.
Even though we'll be separate,
we'll still be like a family.

Some of us will never see each other again.
That thought really lingers.
We all could be archaeologists,
or very famous singers.

But all of us have a bond,
that is stronger than separation.
The bond is called love,
we'll get through it with determination.

Words cannot express-
how much I will miss you.
I've known you since the beginning,
but now we're almost through.

But as long as we have each other,
hand in hand,
I would love it like a brother;
us together like a band.

The author's comments:
This poem is for the graduating senior classes throught the years and throughout the country. I wish you guys the best of luck on the rest ofn your lives. This poem is for you guys. Love and God bless from Drew Blankenberger.

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