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Document 5

August 24, 2011
By ZalphaNeko GOLD, Plantation, Florida
ZalphaNeko GOLD, Plantation, Florida
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Drop the pockets,
Pick up the bells,
Sunshine smells like joy,
In darkest times,
In deepest pleasures,
A soft smile beckons still,
Through doors held upon,
And crystal lights,
Dancing on the edge of a shadow,
A flicker in the door way,
Translucent warmth,
That huddles near my body,
It purrs to me,
And it’s warm fingers
Reach out to hold me near.
I sense the evil breath,
Hiding in its depth.
But I sense the danger and turn away,
For another day is sure to come,
To bring the pleasure of the warmth
Of the light of the daring sun,
Which holds the heart in happiness,
And does not beckon near,
And try to harm my joyful light,
For warmth is a deceptive thing,
And I know to me what is close,
An ode to the heart,
For trusting love,
Will bring the light to a better place.

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