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bullying needs to be stopped!

August 3, 2011
By loversam GOLD, Houston, Texas
loversam GOLD, Houston, Texas
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You can knock me down
But i won’t stay on the ground
I will fight back
For all the respect that you lack
If you don't like them then just walk away
Don’t make people hurt from what you say
I bet if you spent more time being nice than mean
Then maybe people wouldn’t call you a drama queen
People are different from you
And to be honest you don’t know what they have to go through
You may not know it now but the things you do
Will follow you
So if you do it and something happens
You are reliable for you actions

The author's comments:
They movie cyber bully inspired me to write this because personally it hurts when people do it. It's like that's all they know what to do i think maybe if the took a look on the other side or the mirror and see what there doing and how it hurts maybe it could change them and realize its wrong!!

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