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August 10, 2011
By fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
fun_amy_lynn PLATINUM, Winnipeg, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"You are a brilliant man."
"No, a brilliant man would know how to not start a war."

-Pearl Harbor (movie)

You feel like I saved you,
But at what expense?
I ran around in circles for you,
And burned out without a trace.

I feel down into the deeps of depression,
while you took all I had, and made it yours.
Happiness founds it's way to me,
After I found a way out.

I might have saved you from your self,
But at the same time, I was fighting just to breath.
You made me grow from pain and suffering,
So this is for you, this is for you.

My heart was on the chopping block,
And my soul was about to give way.
Every one but you tried to save,
what was left of my broken spirit.

And now, I'm flying,
Higher then you can reach.
Now I'm flying away from you,
And your going to be by your self.

You knew better then to nearly kill me!
You knew better, I was your only friend left!
Now you want to help me out,
But guess what?

Being around you made me independent,
It made me strong and in control.
I don't need you anymore,
And I can see, you need something more

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