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The Dark Never Sleeps

August 5, 2011
By kodabear95 SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
kodabear95 SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
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Certain things catch the eye, but pursue only the things that capture the heart. - old Indian saying

No one can see the pain,
Lurking behind her smile.
No one knows what she tells herself
Late at night.
No one knows the real story of
The scars up and down her arm.
No one can fathom the hell
She calls her mind.
The hell of nightmares
The hell of memories.
They only see the smile,
Only hear the laughter.
The girl beneath all that
Is far from truly happy.
There is a war in her mind
Between the dark and light.
The dark pulls her into her
Worst nightmares.
The light keeps her laughing through it all.
Her demons eat at the light,
They eat at the angels trying to save her.
She feels both trying to win,
Even when she tries to numb it away.
Sometimes it works with the angels,
Sometimes it helps the demons pull her farther
Into her personal hell.
The smile she puts on to
Keep everyone happy
Becomes more empty every day.
Her laughter becomes more hollow
With each passing day.
The dark never sleeps,
But the light is always there
To keep it at bay.
She has to choose:
Either let the dark eat her alive
Or fight with all her might.
She chooses to help
Reclaim her light.
The demons fight hard to keep her down.
They will always be in her mind,
But the angels finally have the help
They so desperately needed.
The fight between dark and light
Will rage on for the rest of her life,
But she will never give up.
She will always help the light.

The author's comments:
The girl mentioned in this poem is based on me, and my personal struggles.

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