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Making It Out

June 22, 2011
By Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
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I lift my head and face the world,
Tears running down my face,
People point and laugh,
They even call me names,
I shake the pain off,
I stand and walk away,
Still crying I tell myself,
"You're beautiful, you can over come this, their words mean nothing, keep walking, you are strong",
I walk through the crowd of laughing people,
My real friends join we and encourage me to ignore them,
The further we walk the clearer it becomes,
The more people join me,
I cry and walk,
But I'm walking towards freedom,
Walking towards a new beginning,
As we walk out of school,
I sigh with relief,
I finally made it out of that nightmarish place,
I finally found my real friends.

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