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I Miss Being Young

June 18, 2011
By ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
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I miss when your worst problem was catching that firefly that flew just a little to high out of your reach.

I miss when your worst drama was figuring out who had the toy first.

I miss when the only thing you had to worry about was that froggy you just caught escaping.

I miss when the only drugs you had to worry about was the nasty cough syrup your mom gave you when you were sick.

I miss when the worst punishment was time out in the corner.

I miss being able to think of something to do no matter where you were.

I miss when the clothes you wore and the hair you had didn't matter.

I miss when everyone was your friend and you didn't have to worry about relationships.

I miss when your mommy or daddy could solve even the worst of problems.

I miss being young!

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