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July 7, 2011
By Kafyra PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
Kafyra PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
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I won't do it.
I can't.
Who do they think they are,
Trying to make me lose
All status at school, at home,
In all of my life?

To do that now
Would be
To back down,
To show weakness,
To be forever remembered
As the one who listened
To the voice
Of “authority.”

And who do they think they are anyway?
Just a bunch
Of people who come and try
To teach us stuff, but really,
Does anyone think that they actually

I can't back down.
I've done nothing wrong.
I don't need some adult taking my hand
And saying, “Come on, girl, apologize to
Goodness knows,
That would be the
Be-all, end-all
Of humiliation.

What's the point of apologizing anyway?
Just because you maybe
Say someone's shirt is not gorgeous,
Or that their art project looks like
An elephant painting
(Which was meant to be a compliment
Anyway, you idiots –
I was being kind and not calling
It the garbage heap it truly is!)
Doesn't mean you should
Prostrate yourself before them, saying,
“Oh, you poor mistreated little person
(Calling them idiot, sadly, is not an option)
I'm sorry, so sorry,
Will you ever forgive my humble soul”
And all that nonsense.
It's time people learn to grow up, 'cuz
In the big, wide world out there
Not everything is perfect.
Not everything is great.
And people need to get over it.

I'm not perfect.
Nobody is.
And how, just how,
Is it fair that some
Very imperfect
(Drinking coffee while we do their
stupid assignments,
Treating us like little kids)
People get to chose when and to whom
We repent?

There's another thing I'm annoyed about.
When we have to say sorry
For every little thingy-ma-bopper,
It kind of diminishes the purpose
For when there are big “Sorry's”
Necessary, when you
Kill people,
Hurt people,
Tell your parents big whopping lies –
That type of thing.
Sorry is overused now,
Like no offense.
So I don't like apologies.
And while you have the authority,
And are determined to make it happen,
I will say sorry.
I will not like it.
And I will not mean one letter of it.

Goodness gracious, what's happening
To the English language now?

Sorry if I've offended you.

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