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Take Me There

June 29, 2011
By thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
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The stars illuminate the sky. 
Everything out here seems
So much Brighter
Even Closer
Just so Big
Yet just so Small

I run across the desert
All I find is sand
I swim through the ocean
Just to find more water

It's right in my hand
Only Miles and miles away
It's on my lips
But still a dream

Not even the stars 
Twinkling in their glory
Can figure out the chaos  
Crowding my crown

The door keeps slamming
Flat in my face
Where's my window?
Where's my happily ever after?

The stars whisper
They tell me things
The ocean screams
But I can't hear them

Lightning bugs lead me
Yet I'm lost
Clouds of Cotten show me
I can't see them

I'm lost in this world
This crazy hectic world
Don't known where I am
Or where I'm going 

Please just take me there

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