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Lightning Over Rocks

July 5, 2011
By hxcRocker DIAMOND, Haiku, Hawaii
hxcRocker DIAMOND, Haiku, Hawaii
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My muscles tense
Ready to explode
Shot out of a gun
I attack the rail
Glide over it
Catch the wall
Drop and run

Overcoming the obstacles
Overcoming my fear

My legs arc over the the rough stone
As I release my hands from the cold steel
Enjoying the moment
Enjoying the feel

I can't give in
Pressing on
I enjoy the challenge
Give me all you got

The ground races towards my legs
Right before we collide
The world slows

Roll into a run
Into a vault
Into myself

Yes breathe
Breathe, and focus
Because one slip
I don't even allow the thought

The author's comments:
Written about my sport of choice: parkour. Not my favorite poem by a long shot but I decided I'd put out here anyways

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