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The Future

July 5, 2011
By Shayne SILVER, Freeport, Other
Shayne SILVER, Freeport, Other
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The threat of you looms over my shoulders
Undeniably there.
My fears of you finally catching up to me sometimes can not be contained
I dread the day you finally arrive and I am unprepared because I know within myself I have made little preparations.
Your stealth mirrors a thief in the night.
And I am irrevocably afraid of the toils that accompany you as if you we’re a thief.
Coming to steal away my sanctuary of comfort
Am I paranoid?
Is it only bad that walks by your side?
 I do not wish to find out
Because on the surface you are what I fear.
But beneath it all…I know what I really fear is the change that is destined to be your wingman. 

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