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You will always be

June 25, 2011
By itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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"Reality is what you decide it to be"

You are the death of me
you are also partly my enemy
you are my destiny
the reason I must run from thee
You are the rest of me
you are what is to be.
You are my exstacy.
You are what keeps me striving.
The reason this world means something.
You are my everything
You are what rages inside this head
You are the blood within me
The reason my heart keeps beating
You are what i must protect
You are what i can never let be sad
You are the twinkle in my eye
the reason the sky shines so bright
You are the reason I have this empty feeling inside
You are what has left me over time.
You are what i cant live without
You are the source of my burns and marks.
The reason i can not go on.
You are what I need the most.
You are what has broken me whole.
You are what has darkened my soul
You are what has cursed my world
the reason I've cried alone.
You are all the medicine I need.
You are all the help i seek.
You are all I've ever really had
that's why I fell in love with you
so hard and fast...

The author's comments:
You guessed boyfriend. Any one who has ever cared for someone can relate :]

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