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June 25, 2011
By itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Reality is what you decide it to be"

Bounds and tie's to hell
waking fears to tell.
Tales and demons reach from far.
Waiting and seeking to kill what u sot.
For greed and destruction contains us all.
From deep down within we know it.
For tragedy and death consumes our lives
for some we take for granted
some we find a blessing
some we find at ease
some a pain worth nothing.
Human grows and sheds its skin.
Foot prints and marking's left by time.
hints of disaster,
for a pitiful cause.
We each filled with hate, anger, passion, and love.
Just depends how we use it.
For the greater outcome, truth, and loose.

The author's comments:
Thinking about this world and all the things around it. I hope it brings the eyes to open wider at the way we treat our earth and our world.

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