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The sun's still shining

June 12, 2011
By thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
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The sun's shining brighter
The sky is bluer then ever

I got my shades on
My sun dress flowing

A Smile growing
My heart on my sleeve

A hug in my arms
A kiss on my lips

I don't know where I'm going
But Hey the suns still shining

Puffy clouds of cotton candy
Cradle all around me

My lips stained red
From the cherries I'm eating

My music playing loud
A book in my hand

Scorching sand under my feet
Hey the sun still shining 

Don't know what I want
But I'll make it there somehow

The sun's still shining 
Even if I close my eyes

Dreams come fast 
But leave me faster

I'm still tryin figure it out
This thing we call life

Troubles come troubles go
Then the sun's still shining

I let it all go
Free to be me

I got You by my side
You'll help carry my there

Carless and fearless
I'm on my way up

They call me a dreamer
Just watch me now

I'm gunna touch the sky
I'm sure to make it there

The sun'll always be shinning
On my side of the fence

Got my first steps going 
I'm on my way

I've never felt this good
And it a great day to be alive!

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