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in between dreams

June 15, 2011
By sunshinegirl BRONZE, Ferndale, Washington
sunshinegirl BRONZE, Ferndale, Washington
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reflections in the glass
wide eyes, scared to hope
a little girl, her tiny footprints in the sand
smiles up at him; "daddy, hold my hand"
hidden by the dark, no light will shine
baby bird, behind those cage bars
so maybe it's time
time to fly
silver moonlight, golden sun
silhouettes of outstretched wings
wind whirls softly through reaching trees
photographs filled with smiling faces
more photographs, of tear-filled eyes
searching hearts
they've yet to find the treasure
hands joined together
One voice unites them all
walk down the street again
listen to the life song
candles burn, flicker slightly
strength has found a different name
shadows play on concrete walls
bare feet remember how to dance
and color fills a world of black and white

The author's comments:
Do you know that feeling, when you have so many words you want to say, but can't find the way to get them all out in a logical order? When life seems like a hazy picture, and you're not sure if you're asleep or awake?

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