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May 31, 2011
By MaryZann BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
MaryZann BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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You're walking down a hallway.
You're trudging through a forest.
The walls are white.
The trees have no leaves.
You see no doors.
You see no paths.
Just a hallway.
Just a forest.
Pale and Dull.
Dark and icy.
That goes on
that goes on
And ever.
Ant then
You wake up.
You come to.
You're in a desert.
You're on a stage.
You try to look.
You cannot see.
Sand in your eyes.
Lights in your face.
It's hot.
You sweat.
Something's coming.
Something big.
And then.
What then?
You drop.
You faint.
Seat belt.
You're on a plane.
You're in a field.
Waiting for what beholds.
Laying in Marigolds.
Shapes in clouds.
Shapes in clouds.
What was that?
In the sky?
Going down...
Coming fast...
Losing air...
Look up there...
Falling down.
Too late now.
Burning, burning.
To the ground.
And then,
What then?
You're in a world.
You're in a land.
You don't know where.
You know it's grand.
I can hide.
Here it's safe.
Behind the tree.
This wondrous place.
What is that?
Who is she?
With the hat?
Behind the tree?
Shall I go?
To the ball with me!
I don't know...
for we must flee!
Where am I?
You are here.
But where is that?
Not yet, my dear.
Oh, please help me, man in the hat.
Take my hand, there's nothing to fear.
You are here.
You are here.

The author's comments:
So, this poem really has no deep meaning or anything. You can interpret it however you want. (Do tell!) It's just something that sort of flowed in my head, so I wrote it down. Actually, it might be confusing the first time you read it if you don't understand that it goes back and forth between people with each line.
It may not have a point, but I think it's cool to picture. Enjoy! ^_^

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