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Death and impact

May 20, 2011
By titangods31 GOLD, Brevard, North Carolina
titangods31 GOLD, Brevard, North Carolina
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real eyes realize real lies/ true love never fades

When you think about death, what do you think of? Most think of decay, pain, hurt, even those who have passed away. I think of death as beauty that people don't see. The beautiful rose that has withered in the blackness. The wise man who has so much to say before his life slips away. Life was too fast though, and he saw the last light surrounding his eyes until his heartbeat slowed. I see the young girl walking with her friends, talking about boys and not looking ahead. The drunk driver swerves, not very much but enough to hit her. She felt the impact and she laid on the ground her knees opened and her eyes fluttered closed for the last sleep. I

The author's comments:
to grandpa, Roburta, Maria, and everyone who saw their life fall in front of them. They saw their last sleep

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