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I love you and Goodbye

June 1, 2011
By Maddy1618 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
Maddy1618 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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What lies behind us and what lies before us are both small matters compared to what lies within us.

He sat on my bed, holding me tight
Saying he would never let me go.
I told him everything, from the heavens to far down below.
He listened to what I had to say, he related to everything
Everything, just not in the same way.
He felt my pain, he showed me how to gain from all of the losses I had.
He showed me how to love, and what it was really like to have.
He showed me how to believe.
To have hope and to pray that someday we would be together, together just me and him
Although, We knew we would be split up in some way.
At some time.
No one thought it would be so soon.
Because of such a cause.
When just the day before we sat up in a tree together.
Acting like little kids
like all of our troubles disappeared and they would never bother us again
We talked about the afterlife
~If one of us should go tonight we need to have a plan~
~What’s the plan?~ I asked. Oblivious to what he was really saying
~To love each other forever, no matter who we meet~
I took that message to heart,
And never let that die.
I sat by his bedside
My phone in his hand, he clutched it close to his heart and said
~baby I’ll call you soon, even though I’m going to die,
I love you baby,
With all my heart.
But for now…this is goodbye~
I sat and cried so many tears, Although I knew that one thing was certain..
No matter how many tears I cried, nothing would bring him back.
For this was his destiny, his future.
I knew we would meet again.
At the gate of heaven…we would live our life again.
The life we had once lived, when we first met here on earth
Why not start over, in the loving arms of Jesus?
Is there really a difference on where our relationship takes place?
It’ll all work out in the end
But for now I have to say…
~I love you~ and ~goodbye.~

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