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Thoughts of Losing Everything

May 17, 2011
By LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
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as i passed you in the hallway,
i can feel the pain,
the words you speak, are the words i dare not say,
the tears that stain,
as they fall,
the phone rings,
the voice of sorrow speaks,
i feel like dying,
the words i hear,
are different, they sound so near,
these tears come crashing down like the rain,
i hear the faint sound of crying,
i hang up with thoughts of suicide,
the view comes clearer,
the highest tide,
comes nearer,
I'm at the edge of death,
in a quick second, it all ends,
that's when i give up on life,
just for you to be happy again

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