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Love is Joy. Love is Silence.

May 12, 2011
By TheAesthetikGENEration GOLD, New Holland, Ohio
TheAesthetikGENEration GOLD, New Holland, Ohio
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How can someone feel alone when surrounded?
how can someone know love, if they have never loved?
Do you shudder at the thought of someone is so far away?
Someone close to you, someone you do not ever want to see leave?
Do you feel the heartache when you think about this?
Do you realize the pain flowing through you?
It hurts, doesn't it?
These feelings are common.
They show true love someone can have for another.
Whereas most feel nothing for others, only themselves.
Love is hidden.
Love is fleating.
It is happiness.
It is joy,
It is bliss.
Love is beautiful.

Love is pain.
Love is misery.
It is sorrow.
It is loneliness.
It is careless.
Love is silence.
The crimson faith the heart bleeds for.
A memory no one can forget.

Do you love?
Can you love?
Do you feel your mind shatter when you see her?
Do you feel your heart break as you speak to her?
Do you understand it yet?
To love,
Is to feel happiness for her.
To love,
Is to fall to your knees in pain everytime she walks away.

You cannot love if you do not understand.
You cannot love if your heart is weak.
You cannot love if you lose your focus of her.
Suffer to love.
Love to feel joy.

That is what love is.
A silence that can be heard.
Pain and joy.
Love her.
Be with her.
Suffer everytime she walks away.

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