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Once Upon A Time

May 11, 2011
By Bree96 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
Bree96 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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You told her love was forever
Just like they do in fairy tales
But life isn’t a story book
And she was stupid to believe you
She knows now nothing lasts forever
Not even love
An lesson learned from you
You used to tuck her in at night
Wrap her tight in your arms
And promise to never let go
She used to stay up for ever
Waiting for you to come home
She knows now your never coming back
You were inseparable
You would tickle her to death
And she’d dress you like a princess
Those times are unforgettable
Do you know that your threats
Still keep her up at night
And sometimes she lays awake
And loses herself in memories
Precious and unthinkable
The nights when she let her tears rock her to sleep
And tried to think of how you fell apart
When she was with you
Nothing else mattered
You were all she ever wanted
She wishes you were here now
To check her closet for monsters
Because she knows they are there
But for reason you no longer want her in your life
She was just another piece of trash
For you to throw away
Do you remember when you told her you hated her
And in a blink of an eye
The hero she knew was gone
Your words struck her
Like a powerful bold of lightning
Nothing can take that back
Those times when
You were too drunk to remember her name
And the only person you cared about
Was you
She listens to the song that reminds me of the times
Of the two of you together
She doesn’t want to accept that your gone
Because the thought of you never coming back
Is more painful than anything
Now because of you
All she wants is for people to accept her
Like you did
Once upon a time
And because of you
She is so scared to get close to anyone
Because she knows that they will eventually leave her
Just like you did
Then you told her
She’s nothing
To no one
So tell me
Is it her who doesn’t deserve your love
Or you who doesn’t deserve hers
All the times she cried for you
And you never came
She can remember being “daddy’s little girl”
Her little hand fit into yours like a missing puzzle piece
Now she is lost without you
Is it true that you’ve forgotten her
Because your the first thought to cross her mind
When she wakes up
And see the pictures of you
Big happy smiles
No regrets
Now it’s just a stupid memory
You broke your promise
When you said you’d never leave her
Was she not worth it
Not good enough
You used to tell her it was her fault
When things went wrong
She didn’t want to believe it
But she trusted you
And now she trusts no one
She needs you back
The hero she used to know
The dad that used to let her sit on his lap
And count his freckles
Who’d take her on camping trips
She never thought that she would lose you
Because you were her whole world
No one will ever understand her
Like you did
She wishes you and her could start over
Go back in time
So she could cherish every moment she spent with you
Before pain ever touched your hearts
She is still waiting for the day when you come back
Because she is too naive to believe you will do otherwise
Sometimes she can still feel the wind in her face
Like she used to when you’d push her on the swings
Do you remember
Your late night walks
In the freezing cold winter air
Your midnight conversations
That quickly turned into a battle
But what were you fighting
Yourself or her
There was always something in your eyes
A certain kind of pain
That she could relate to
That’s why she told you her secret
The hardest thing she ever did
And you laughed and called her a s***
You broke her heart
I don’t think you understand how much you’ve hurt her
The severity of your words
But there is nothing she can do about it
Your gone
And not every story
Has a happy ever after.

The author's comments:
this was a piece i wrote about my father.:)

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